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5 Tips To Celebrate Easter More Sustainably

Kids playing with Easter basket

Almost 80% of Americans celebrate Easter, and many families make it special for children with egg hunts and Easter baskets.   

Unfortunately, the holiday is not only chocolate-filled, but increasingly plastic-filled. The plastic egg was invented in 1978 and by the early 2000’s, more than 250 million were sold in the US annually. The number is much higher now, and most are thrown out after just one use. Fossil fuels are also pumped out of the ground to make a staggering number of stuffed animals, plastic baskets, fake grass, and toys (most of which are landfilled or incinerated a few weeks later, contributing to climate change).

But don’t worry – you can make a difference!

If your family celebrates Easter, there are lots of ways to keep the fun traditions AND care for our planet.

  • Start with the easiest change: create an Easter basket that’s gentle on the earth. Reuse a secondhand basket, or get a sturdy basket made of natural fiber and redecorate it each year. For the grass, you can buy crinkled paper grass, or shred or cut up colored paper. Or, cut some real grass from your yard!

  • Reuse plastic eggs from last year. If you need new ones, look for greener alternatives. There are brands made from recycled plastic, and you can now find hollow eggs made from natural fibers:  paper, cardboard, fabric, even tree bark and banana leaves. For a low-cost craft option, look for online tutorials to make your own from paper or fabric, with an opening to insert the candy.

  • Choose green gifts. Instead of cheap plastic items that break quickly, give presents that can be used for months or years – then composted, recycled, or donated when your child outgrows it. (Adventerra’s games and puzzles are great for this! Our exciting eco-games are made of sustainable, easily-recyclable materials, and kids love to play with them over and over).        

  • Enjoy more ethical treats. Chocolate bunnies and candy eggs are yummy, but their origins are not always sweet. Cocoa is often harvested in dangerous conditions by forced laborers and children. Find candy you can feel good about by looking for Rainforest Alliance or FairTrade certifications on the package. You’ll be using your money to fight poverty and pay farmers a living wage. As a bonus, many certified candies are often packaged in less plastic.

  • If family members want to give toys, suggest useful gifts to help your kids appreciate the natural world, like gardening tools, swimsuits, or memberships to nature centers and parks. If you’ll be together for an Easter meal, your relative could bring a game for the family to play afterwards. For the littlest ones, we have puzzles like Saving Water and fun matching games like Hungry Bins. For a beginner board game, try Mission Ocean, our new game about saving sea animals from plastic pollution. Elementary kids love racing through Recycle Rally, and older kids (and even adults) find PowerHaus and Global Warning to be a fun challenge. With Adventerra, all ages can play and learn about caring for our world.

Adventerra combines the words “adventure” and “terra,” the Latin name for earth. It reflects our mission: to create exciting games that help kids protect the planet! Check out our other educational eco games, and follow this blog for more parenting tips!

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