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Eco education Through Play

Eco-Education Through Play— Parents care about the planet – but worry about making kids anxious.

Parents care about the planet – but worry about making kids anxious.

Research studies show us we’re moving towards a generation who wants to make the world a better place. Indeed, more and more parents believe taking care of the environment is an important value to instill in their kids. However, it can be challenging to explain complex problems to little ones. 

Gameplay is a great way to gently introduce environmental topics to kids. Big issues like pollution and climate change can feel overwhelming. Therapists even have a name for it: eco-anxiety. Studies show that the best way to handle it is to show children how they can help. So, Adventerra Games are specifically designed to show children they are not helpless. By learning daily habits that really make a difference, kids feel empowered!  

Fun learning games get kids excited about going green!

Fun learning games get kids excited about going green!

Adventerra Games is the only company in the world with a game catalog entirely focused on green topics. We are experts in eco-education through play! Each of our games and puzzles is dedicated to a specific environmental topic. For instance, we address critical issues like recycling, energy use, endangered animals, and more.

Toddlers and preschoolers are learning how to take care of their bodies through bathing and good eating habits. So it’s a great time to talk about water and food! Our toddler learning toys (for ages two and up) introduce key environmental learning concepts. With our Saving Water Ecologic Puzzle, kids learn about the importance of water and how to conserve this precious resource. In our Eating in Season Ecologic Memory game, they discover how to eat healthily and help the environment by choosing seasonal produce.

As kids grow up and explore the larger world, more complex topics can be introduced with our preschool games. Little environmentalists can learn about waste management and recycling with our Hungry Bins memory game, or how to fight climate change with our Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice board game.

Finally, our exciting board games for elementary and middle-schoolers feature topics such as energy conservation and global warming.  With fun challenges and fast-paced game play, the games are an entertaining way for kids to see how STEM skills are useful in real-life situations.

Making it fun and easy to talk about sustainability

Making it fun and easy to talk about sustainability

All of our kids learning games elicit family conversations about how to protect the planet. We recently created educational eco guides to help parents and educators further explain environmental concepts to young children in a very simple way. Parents often tell us that after playing one of our games, the whole family makes greener choices! 

Parents looking for preschool learning activities, STEM toys, and educational board games are concerned about preparing their kids for the future. In today’s world, industries as diverse as manufacturing, building design, government, and healthcare are looking for people who can find creative solutions to ecological challenges. By building environmental literacy skills, our learning games give kids a great start!

How will you celebrate Earth Month?

How will you celebrate Earth Month? 

Adventerra’s games are great eco-friendly gifts!  Not only are they sustainably made from recycled and recyclable materials, but these educational board games give you a great way to kick off Earth Month. Playing together will help you start a conversation about how your family can help the environment! 

After playing with a toddler game like Ecologic Puzzle: Respect the Earth, your child might want to donate some old toys.  After enjoying Recycle Rally, your elementary schooler might help take out boxes for recycling.  And a preteen who plays PowerHaus may get so interested in saving energy that they’ll turn off electronics when they leave a room. 

So, try out one of Adventerra’s award-winning games this April.  Not only will your family have a blast while you play, but it will help you talk about how to care for our world all year long!

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