January Preschool Games Giveaway

We are tickled to death to share the news that all five of our brand-new games that help very young children (ages 2 to 4+) become better eco-citizens have won several awards already! We hope this bodes well for the success of our new games for a younger audience. We are proud to share eleven national awards to date from Mom’s Choice Awards, Play on Words’ Top 10 PAL Awards and Hot Diggity.

To celebrate these award wins, we are hosting a giveaway this month for three winners to choose their choice of our five new games (see game choices below). Use the giveaway entry form to enter now!

Here’s a bit about the three awards:

Play on Words’ PAL Awards: The PAL Award recognizes outstanding children’s products that by design, content, quality, and character, engender play that advances language and appeal to all children for lasting play value. To win a PAL Award, the toy, game, or book must be exciting and engaging to children. It is the only toy award given by a credentialed speech-language pathologist.

Hot Diggity: Signifies innovation, quality, entertainment and/or educational value and a commitment to excellence.

Mom’s Choice Awards: The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluate products and services created for children, families, and educators. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. The organization is based in the United States and has reviewed thousands of items from more than 60 countries.

Here are our games that were recognized by these prestigious awards:

Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice • $24.99 • Ages 4+
Play On Words PAL Award
This illustrated game introduces children to the problem of climate change and how it endangers the lives of polar animals. After building the polar environment, each player takes turns to roll the die and move their animal forward, aiming to be the first player to lead it to the safety of the big iceberg. Game play helps develop tactical skills; knowledge of the threat to polar fauna; hand-eye coordination; and respect for rules. Inside this boxed game are a 2-piece game board, 1 big iceberg, 4 mini-icebergs, 4 ships, 4 wooden animals, 1 wooden die and of course, instructions for mom/dad or grandparents.

PAL Awards: “There’s a lot of fun trying to get our fluffy furry friends to safety and you can’t help but be imprinted with the forces at work that earthlings need to pay attention to.”

Hungry Bins: Learn To Recycle • $19.99 • Ages 3+
Play On Words PAL Award
Hungry Bins is a classification game that introduces children to how to recycle and compost. Children discover different types of materials and learn to recognize their respective collection bins. To make the matching process easier, each token features the color of the corresponding bin. A few rounds of this fun game help develop a preschooler’s association and classification skills; observation skills; and visual memory. Each boxed game includes 32 tokens, board, and yes, instructions.

PAL Awards: “Adventerra’s new line of preschool games ‘feed’ parents’ desire to teach their children eco-friendly activities and show children a fun way to learn to respect and care for their environment.”

Animals at Risk! • Ages 2+ • $14.99
Mom’s Choice Gold Award
Hot Diggity Seal-of-Approval
Play On Words PAL Award • Top 10 Winner
In this memory game, children match animals with their babies, and learn about their habitats. The colors of the backgrounds and the illustrations on the large pieces help players to match the cards. This game introduces children to the concept of endangered animals and the importance of protecting them.

Hot Diggity Awards: “A fun memory game that just doesn’t hone recall skills, but brings awareness to animals that are in risk of extinction, instilling compassion for animals early on.”

Saving Water • Ages 2+ • $14.99
Mom’s Choice Gold Award
Hot Diggity Seal-of-Approval
Play On Words PAL Award • Top 10 Winner
With these mini puzzles, children learn about the importance of water, and how to conserve this precious resource. The 24 pieces feature colored edges and self-correcting joints that help players to match them. On the red-edged pieces, adorable sea creatures show how we waste water in everyday life, but on the green-edged pieces, they show ways that children can save water!

Hot Diggity Awards: “These easy-to-assemble mini puzzles do a great job of highlighting common mistakes that even adults make and providing solutions to help conserve each precious drop of water.”

Respect the Earth • Ages 2+ • $14.99
Mom’s Choice Gold Award
Hot Diggity Seal-of-Approval
Play On Words PAL Award • Top 10 Winner
While building 12 mini 2-piece puzzles, children discover daily actions they can take to help the Earth. Players match pairs with the help of self-correcting joints and the backgrounds and characters depicted on the pieces. On the red-edged pieces, a diverse group of cute kids demonstrate common habits. But on the green-edged pieces, they show better habits to protect the planet!

After an entertaining round with puzzle pieces or matching picture cards, tots begin a lifelong love – hence protection – of endangered animals and conserving precious resources. Adventerra Games does its part by choosing environmentally friendly recycled and recyclable raw materials, plus avoiding the use of plastic.

Discover these five all-important games for younger ages on our Shop page. Additionally, specialty retailers and Amazon will be stocking these titles soon.

We are proud to share eleven national awards to date from Mom’s Choice Awards, Play on Words’ Top 10 PAL Awards and Hot Diggity.


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