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About Us

Our Commitments


There is no room for traditional plastic in our games! We design all game components with natural, biodegradable materials, and are constantly looking for greener materials and methods, pushing suppliers to try new options. As even greener options become available, we’ll be excited to try them too!

Recycled & Recyclable

We follow a “zero waste” principle in the production process, by selecting recycled raw materials and optimizing printing sheets space to reduce waste during manufacturing. We also plan for the end-of-life of our products, using materials that are recyclable or compostable so that nothing must go to a landfill.

Biodegradable Film Wrap

We use sugarcane film to protect our game boxes. It’s made with agricultural waste, so it’s biodegradable and recyclable. This is important because if someone tosses it in with their grocery bag recycling, it won’t contaminate the recycling stream.

FSC-Certified Wood & Paper

Our brand is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC organization guarantees that paper, cardboard and wood we use comes from a forest that is managed in a way that is socially beneficial and environmentally conscious.


To ensure the highest level of sustainability in our printing process, we use non-toxic vegetable inks made of linseed oil and soy. These inks are also free of cobalt and mineral oils.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We are careful to select production partners who adhere to our green standards, to ensure a minimal carbon footprint and a positive impact for our planet. We walk the talk by manufacturing in Europe for the European market, and in North America for the North American market.

Learning Guarantee

We spend a lot of effort developing each game, from design, prototyping, collaboration with educators and experts, to play tests with children. Thanks to our work in classrooms over the last two decades, our games guarantee a high degree of engagement and learning. Authenticated, Early Childhood Product


All of our products have been authenticated by because they spark creativity, while helping children develop science, technology, engineering, math, and logic skills. The cooperative aspects of many of our games also build social & emotional skills like sharing, teamwork, and empathy.

Moms Choice Awards Honoring Excellence

Award- Winning

We have won over 90 awards to date, including some of the most prestigious Toy Industry Awards like the Toy Industry of Europe’s Play for Change Silver Award, popular recognitions such as the Good Housekeeping’s 2021 Top Toy Award, as well as seals of approval from numerous recognized Parenting Institutions like the Mom’s Choice Awards, The National Parenting Center, etc.