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About Us

Our Mission

Adventerra combines the words “adventure” and “terra,” the Latin name for our planet.
It reflects our mission: to create exciting games that help kids care for our world!

Play & Learn, Save the Planet

Our goal is to empower children through play. We want to help them grow into adults who are respectful of other people, animals, and the earth.

It’s hard to explain serious things to young kids – and issues like pollution or climate change are scary for kids and adults. Therapists even have a name for it: eco-anxiety. Studies show that the best way to handle it is to show children how they can help.

Play & Learn, Save the Planet

Our games are special because they gently introduce children to positive solutions, and teach them they have the power to help the planet! For example, just like countless other toys, many of our games feature wild animals. But we take it a step further, showing children how human choices can help those cute animals. While giggling as they work together or race to win, children see that they can make a difference.