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Preparing for Back to School with Educational Games

Going back to school is such a hectic time. It can be scary for kids as they face new challenges. How can you get them excited and ready for classroom learning again? Playing fun educational games for family game night can be a great solution.  The kids are practicing important skills, they’re building confidence in their abilities, and you’re all laughing together! 

Adventerra’s award winning kids games and puzzles are a fun way to brush up on STEM skills as kids ease back to school! Because each game is focused on an environmental topic, children get excited about applying science to real world problems. Not only that, but players also practice math, logic, spatial awareness, and comparison skills.  Here are just a few examples:

Polar Adventure (ages 4+): This beginner STEM board game introduces the concept that humans affect the climate, showing kids how we can help polar animals. In addition to counting and spatial awareness, children build early environmental literacy.

WaterGame (ages 7+): In this fast-paced STEM board game, players draw cards to learn about saving water in everyday life. Quiz cards are based on 4th grade science standards, and depending on their skill level, kids use counting or simple arithmetic. It’s such a fun race down the river that they don’t notice they’re learning earth science facts and practicing reading and math!

PowerHaus (ages 7+): This exciting STEM game teaches kids that they have the power to fight climate change. Players live in a house that wastes energy, and their goal is to make it more efficient. While choosing appliances and home improvements, children get excited about comparing options, costs, and efficiency. Not only do they learn about green building and innovative technologies, but kids are also introduced to investing skills. The winner is the one who makes the best decisions for their wallet and the world. It’s more approachable for kids because it’s applied math and science, not abstract calculations.

Adventerra combines the words “adventure” and “terra,” the Latin name for earth. It reflects our mission: to create exciting games that help kids protect the planet! Check out our other educational eco games, and follow this blog for more parenting tips!

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