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Ecologic Memory Animals at Risk! game box (front)
Ecologic Memory Animals at Risk! game box (front)
Animals at Risk box back
Ecologic Memory (32 jumbo cards)
Ecologic Memory (2 jumbo cards)
Kids hands playing with the Ecologic Memory game
Two young kids playing the Ecologic Memory game
Young boy playing Animals at Risk! Memory game

Animals at Risk!
Ecologic Matching


Age 2+


In this cute STEM memory game, children are introduced to the concept of endangered animals and the importance of protecting them. Kids will have fun matching baby animals with their parents and learning about their habitats.

Learning Through Play

  • Observation Skills
  • Visual Memory
  • Logical thinking




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[Two children open the memory box]

Narrator: Ecologic Memory Animals at Risk helps you develop your memory and learn about lots of animals that need protecting.

[Memory matching cards are shown face up on a table, then face down and children’s hands uncover different cards]

Narrator: Place the pieces face down and challenge your friends to find all the baby-parent pairs.

[Two little girls uncover the panda memory matching cards pair]

Narrator: A baby panda! Umm… I wonder where mama panda is. There she is! They’re back together at last!

[Memory matching cards are shown face up on the table]

Narrator: Ecologic Memory helps children develop their memory and introduces them to endangered animals and the habitats where they live.

[Image of the puzzle box]

Ecologic Memory Animals at Risk is an Adventerra Game made without plastic and with quality materials, 100% recyclable and recycled.

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