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Saving Water Ecologic Puzzle (front)
Saving Water Ecologic Puzzle (front)
Ecologic Puzzle (back)
Ecologic Puzzle (12 mini puzzles)
One mini puzzle
Three young kids assembling the ecologic puzzle
Young girl assembling the ecologic puzzle

Saving Water
Ecologic Puzzle


Age 2+


With these 12 puzzle pairs, children will learn about the importance of water, and how to conserve this precious resource. The jumbo pieces feature colored edges and self-correcting joints that help players to match them. On the red-edged pieces, adorable sea creatures show how to waste water in everyday life, but on the green-edged pieces, they show ways that children can save water!

Learning Through Play

  • Observation Skills
  • Visual Memory
  • Logical Thinking




[Adventerra Games logo] [Two children open the puzzle box] Narrator: Ecologic Puzzle Saving Water lets you play with cute sea creatures while you learn how to save water in everyday life. [Crab illustration from the puzzle] Narrator: The little crab is soaping its claws with the tap running, what a waste! Quick, help him turn the water off. [Children assemble the matching crab puzzle cards] Narrator: Come on, put the puzzle pieces together by pairing wasteful habits with better, eco-friendly actions. [Child’s hand holds a puzzle piece] Narrator: The colored edges make matching easier. [Children assemble different matching puzzle pairs] Narrator: By playing with ecologic puzzle, children develop their observation skills and learn about marine animals. [Image of the puzzle box] Ecologic Puzzle Saving Water is an Adventerra Game made without plastic and with quality materials, 100% recyclable and recycled. [Adventerra Games logo] Adventerra Games, let’s play together to save the planet!

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