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Global Warning box (front)
Global Warning box (front)
Global Warning box (back)
Global Warning game board
Global Warning game board
Global Warning cards
A kids hand playing Global Warning

Global Warning
Board Game


Age 10+


In this thrilling STEM game, players race to keep the planet cool. They draw and trade cards to find the best solutions to the environmental challenges that emerge during the game.  As they try to clean up pollution, global temperatures keep rising with each turn. This unique cooperative game teaches players to balance collaboration with competition. Everyone must work together to save the world!

Learning Through Play

  • Strategic Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork and Cooperation




[Image of the earth then image of the board game box]

Narrator: New from Adventerra Games is the board game Global Warning.

[Image of the game board and contents]

Narrator: A game for teens and adults that’s about saving the earth by solving the world’s environmental problems.

[Hands handle cards and game money bills]

Narrator: What’s different about this game is that it’s both cooperative and competitive, with players racing to save the planet.

[Hands select and show cards and handle game money bills]

Narrator: The game is played out on a board with eight different categories of color-coded problem cards. There are solution cards with a points system, to determine if that particular solution is strong enough for the environmental problem it’s trying to solve.

[Image of points system]

Narrator: You earn points by resolving the earth’s problems, and the player with the most points wins.

[Image of the board and hands moving tokens]

Narrator: But everyone needs to work together because the global warming index goes up after every round.

[Flames burning the board]

Narrator: If it gets too hot, then everyone loses.

[Hands handle cards]

Narrator: Find enough solutions before that happens – you save the earth and win!

[Image of the game box and contents]

Narrator: Experience the thrill of success!

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