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PowerHaus box (front)
PowerHaus box (front)
PowerHaus box (back)
PowerHaus board game
PowerHaus board game
PowerHaus cards
Young boy playing PowerHaus

Board Game


Age 7+


A house that wastes energy puts the planet in jeopardy! This exciting STEM game teaches kids that they have the power to fight climate change. Players live in a house that wastes energy, and their goal is to make it more efficient. The winner is the one who makes the best decisions for their wallet – and the world!

Learning Through Play

  • Logical Thinking
  • Strategic Skills
  • Teamwork and Cooperation




[Image of a light bulb and lightning, then image of the board game box]

Narrator: With PowerHaus, a board game from Adventerra Games, you are challenged to make choices that are better for your wallet and the world.

[Three children’s pairs of hands play the game, drawing cards and handling game money bills]

Narrator: Can you make your house more efficient before you spend all your money on energy? In this game, you and your friends live in a house that leaks energy, so you’re trying to win the game by reducing utility bills with energy-saving habits and services.

[Children’s hands move tokens and draw cards, and energy-saving and energy-wasting cards are shown]

Narrator: As you move around the board, decide which behaviors to change, and which appliances and home improvements you need.

[Children’s hands handle game money bills]

Narrator: This game teaches you how to save energy and money in real life too.

[Image of game cards with lightning]

Narrator: With PowerHaus, you’ll learn you have real power to fight climate change.

[Image of a light bulb, game box and contents]

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