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WaterGame box (front)
WaterGame box (front)
WaterGame box (back)
WaterGame board
WaterGame board
WaterGame cards
Two young kids playing WaterGame

Board Game


Age 7+ 


Roll the die, swim down the river; whoever saves the most water is the winner! In this fast-paced STEM board game, players draw cards and answer questions to learn about saving and wasting water in everyday life. But there’s a catch: if the community water tank is empty when someone needs it, everyone will lose. To succeed, players must learn to cooperate with others!

Learning Through Play

  • Strategizing Abilities
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Mathematical Reasoning




[Image of game box]

Narrator: Learn the value of clean water in WaterGame, a cooperative board game from Adventerra Games for ages seven and up.

[Children’s hands roll the die, draw cards and move their tokens]

Narrator: Players roll a die, float down a river, and draw savings or wasting cards. Unlucky players must rely on the community cistern, which requires donations from players who have saved more water.

[Image of game board]

Narrator: If the tank is empty when someone needs it, everyone looses!

[Children’s hands move tokens on the board]

Narrator: After all, water is a human right, so we can’t let our neighbors run dry! Will you be the first to reach the end of the river? Don’t waste water, but remember to be generous too.

[Image of game box and contents]

Narrator: Let the negotiations begin!

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