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Hungry Bins packaging
Hungry Bins packaging
Hungry Bins Memory game box (back)
Hungry Bins Memory game board and tokens
Hungry Bins Memory game board and tokens
Tokens being fed into the bins mouth
Kids hands playing Hungry Bins memory game
Young girl playing Hungry Bins memory game
Young girl playing Hungry Bins memory game

Hungry Bins
Learn to Recycle


Age 3+


This STEM classification memory game is a great way to introduce children to recycling and composting! Kids will have fun discovering different types of materials and learning to recognize their respective collection bins.

Learning Through Play

  • Association & Classification Skills
  • Observation Skills
  • Visual Memory




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[Two children open the memory game box]

Narrator: Hungry Bins helps you improve your memory while you have fun feeding trash to four hungry bins!

[Tokens are shown spread out on a table, face up then face down, and a child matches a pair and feeds it to the bin]

Narrator: Place the tokens face down, then choose two and turn them over. If you find two pieces of trash that are the same, keep one and feed the other to the right bin.

[Child’s hand places tokens in bins]

Narrator: Glass, plastic, compost or paper.

[Child’s hand holds a token]

Narrator: The colored edges on the tokens help with matching.

[Children’s hands match tokens an feed them to bins]

Narrator: Hungry Bins help children to develop their memory, discover the different types of waste and learn about composting and recycling.

[Image of the game box]

Hungry Bins is an Adventerra Game made without plastic and with quality materials, 100% recyclable and recycled.

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Adventerra Games, let’s play together to save the planet!

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