Terms & Condition

This website is owned by Adventerra Games North America (AGNA), a Delaware-registered LLC with its legal office at 10 Putnam St., Suite 2, Boston, MA 02128. The website is dedicated to the retail sale of educational products. It also provides information about the company and its products to shopkeepers, schools, and institutions interested in partnering with AGNA to carry and display games, sponsor game nights, co-develop customized games, etc.

All sales, delivery, and payment methods are listed in detail below and are to be considered an integral and substantial part of this Contract. The conditions applicable to each individual order will be those displayed on the Site at the time of the order. Any new conditions will be effective upon posting on the Site and will apply only to sales concluded thereafter.

  1. ORDERS. Orders are accepted via the Internet. The Customer undertakes to promptly communicate in writing to the Merchant any error found in the Order Confirmation. Otherwise the information contained in the Order Confirmation will be applied to the Contract. The Merchant reserves the right at its sole discretion to accept or reject the order and, if accepted, to process it within the agreed time. Any verbal agreement not reported on the written order sent to the Merchant is null. Failure to comply with the conditions of sale subjects the Customer to actions the Merchant may take to protect its interests.
  2. NATURE OF GOODS. The goods for sale are cooperative board games that, among other things, help kids learn steps they can take to protect the environment while also having fun with their friends and family.
  3. PRICES. Only the price calculated at the time of the order will be charged to the Customer. All prices include sales tax where applicable. The cost of delivery is not included in the price of the products but is calculated by the shopping cart, with shipping options displayed and selected by Customer prior to finalizing the purchase.
  4. ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS. The order sent by the Customer will be binding for AGNA only if the entire order procedure has been completed correctly without any error messages. Standard delivery via USPS Priority Service or Flat-Rate Priority service includes free tracking but does not require a signature for delivery. Merchant will not be responsible if the package is lost or stolen en-route. For expedited deliveries via FedEx, the Customer agrees to waive the signature requirement. Merchant will not be responsible if the package is lost or stolen before the Customer receives it.
  5. DELIVERY. AGNA delivers the purchase using external couriers. In case of any problem, contact Customer Service at info@adventerragamesUSA.com.
  6. PAYMENT. The purchase must be paid for by Customer at the time of the order with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit or debit card, or with PayPal.
  7. NON-REFUNDABLE. Games and shipment expenses are non-refundable, unless products have been damaged in shipment to the customer’s provided address.
  8. REPLACEMENTS. In the case of a damaged product, the Customer should e-mail a digital photo of the damaged product containing time of creation metadata along with an explanation of the damages in the body of such email to info@adventerragamesUSA.com.
  9. PRIVACY. Adventerra Games North America (AGNA) will exercise due care in handling and processing the Customer’s personal data in accordance with standard industry practices, as set forth in the “Privacy Policy” section below. Credit card numbers are not stored on AGNA servers.

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