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What Makes Adventerra Eco Educational Games Unique

What Makes Adventerra Eco Educational Games Unique

Parents and educators have always used games and toys to teach children about life on earth. For instance, you can find puzzles about frog or butterfly lifecycles, and stuffed animals modeled on endangered species. There are many lovely products with wildlife and biology themes.

However, Adventerra’s puzzles and games build on those classics, going a step further. Not only do they build awareness of nature, but they get children excited about taking care of it! Our games are special because players learn that they have the power to help the planet.

Give your child a head start

Understanding the relationship between human behavior and climate change is crucial to address the problems we face today. Employers are looking for engineers, scientists, communicators, and leaders who can find solutions to help people live sustainably.

Adventerra’s STEM games are unique because they develop these environmental literacy skills at an early age. As kids work together or race to win, they discover that their actions can affect the natural world. Here are a few examples:

Respect the Earth: Ecologic Puzzle (ages 2+)
While matching up 12 jumbo puzzle pairs, players learn to make greener choices about food, waste, energy, and more. On the red-edged pieces, cute cartoon kids demonstrate common habits that waste resources. The green-edged pieces show the kids making better, eco-friendly choices.

Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice (ages 4+)
Movies and toys about funny penguins and furry polar bears are always popular, but Polar Adventure takes it a step further, showing children how human choices affect those animals. Rather than just portraying polar animals as cool creatures in a far-off land, the game draws the connection between our activities and their survival.

PowerHaus (ages 7+)
Family board games about investing have long been popular, but PowerHaus is a unique modern take on this theme. Instead of simply scheming to get rich, players try to make investments that conserve energy as well as money. To win, they need to make the best decisions for their wallet and the world!

Sustainably made, too!

Adventerra’s games are also unusual because our products are free of plastic pieces. Our wood pieces are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and all game components are recyclable and biodegradable. For printing, we use non-toxic inks made of linseed oil and soy, free of cobalt and mineral oils. Even the shrink wrap (which is required by many retailers) is made from sugarcane! Not only is it biodegradable, it’s recyclable to avoid contaminating the recycling stream.

Check out all of our exciting eco educational games for children of all ages!

Adventerra combines the words “adventure” and “terra,” the Latin name for earth. It reflects our mission: to create exciting games that help kids protect the planet! Check out our other educational eco games, and follow this blog for more parenting tips!

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